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LED Lights Offer 83 Percent Energy Savings

Course: Shenzhen Tenglongda Optoelectronics Co., LtdPopularity: 4812Time: 2016-03-22smb

An LED light manufacturer has claimed an 83 percent reduction in energy used for lighting thanks to the technology.

By replacing conventional 300Wmercury lights with GlacialLight’s 60W LED spotlights it has been possible to make massive reductions, and provide an environmentally friendly solution.

The Taiwanese firm also reports that maintenance is reduced for large businesses and chains with a life span of over 30,000 hours for its LEDs.

According to LED lighting expert at IMS Research Jamie Fox, LED lighting will generally offer good savings when compared with incandescent bulbs.

And as far as the initial outlay is concerned there is good news for those thinking about picking up the technology, with Fox expecting “double digit price falls each year”.

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