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Welcome to visit www.wbfhxo.live , thanks for your focus on our company, because of your support and trust, TLD Lighting has advanced some development in LED market, I take the responsibility of all the members from TLD Lighting to thanks for all of you who care and support our company, Best wishes of you!

TLD Lighting is a young team full of life, our Spirit is“Company is the ship, Quality is the sail, People is the steersman, Customer is the direction.” We are specialize in LED Lighting products, we have the integrate series for production. We are on the basis of lean manufacturing, to realize scale production, we call up to use “High efficiency, green eco- friendly, long lifespan” LED. We will resources retrieval in global, to be the excellent supplier!

New period, New Chance, New Market, New Challenge, All members in TLD Lighting will go with you to make some contribution to LED light, to realize the world full of beautiful green windows!

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